The single family home community, Brookside Glen of Tinley Park is located approximately 30 miles South of the City of Chicago in Will County consisting of 1017 homes that fall under this HOA.  This subdivision was developed by builders Malone & Maloney and Crana Homes in 1996.  Each builder had their own models which were:  Fane Deluxe, Innishmoor, Boyne Majestic and Shannon Marquis by Malone & Maloney - Cranna II; Linsfort II; Lisfannon and Ballinary by Crana Homes.
This website is for the single family homes only - though the subdivision has townhomes and condos, which are serviced by separate associations.  The Village of Tinley Park incorporated Brookside Glen into their Village and all homes have Lake Michigan water.  Tinley Park has been voted in past years as a great place to raise a family.  Brookside Glen is  part of the Summit Hill School District 161 and Lincoln Way High School District 210.
The homeowners association governs only the common areas that include the four (4) main entrances on 80th Ave and the two (2) main entrances on 88th Ave, along with 3 landscaping circle medians on Hollybrook, Bangor and Lisadell.  The Association fee with an invoice date of April 1st, is $50 per year & due annually on or before May 15th. We hold 1 HOA meeting per year typically during the first half of November.

Beginning March 1st, 2024 we retained a management company, Nemanich Consulting, to handle the financial and maintenance of the HOA.  Any an all concerns can be directed to them by calling 815-609-2330 or emailing them at [email protected].

If you would like to request a (PAL) Paid Assessment Letter ($250.00 document fee) please email the request to:   [email protected] or by calling 815-609-2330 (Please allow 5-10 business days)

If you are looking for a townhome PAL for an address located east of 88th Ave (phases 3,4 & 5), please contact Nemanich Consulting

If you are looking for a townhome PAL for an address located east or west of 80th Ave (phases 1 & 2), please contact HSR Property at 815-806-9990.